Airport Communications

CTAF: 124.55

UNICOM: 122.95

ATIS: 132.625

WX ASOS: 132.625

WX ASOS: 406-756-8879



CTL: 121.6

Our Facility

From ramp side Glacier Jet Center is located mid-field just off taxiway B4. The main terminal building is located just across our parking lot and US Customs has a screening area on our ramp. We also have controlled gate access to our ramp making plane side loading and unloading of passengers and bags quick and easy.  

GJC Ramp

From roadside Glacier Jet center is centrally located in the Flathead Valley midway between Kalispell, Whitefish, and Columbia Falls. Just off Hwy 2. Follow Runway Road stay right at the Flag poles and you will find yourself right in our parking lot.

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Company Profile

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