Airport Communications

CTAF: 124.55

UNICOM: 122.95

ATIS: 132.625

WX ASOS: 132.625

WX ASOS: 406-756-8879



CTL: 121.6

Line Service

Glacier Jet Center is a UVair Network FBO branded, full-service Fixed Base Operator. Our Line Service agents are experienced and professional. Training and safety are very important at Glacier Jet Center and all of our line service agents have been NATA Safety First certified and maintain currency as prescribed by this program. You will find that "red carpet service" is still alive on our ramp.  We pride ourselves on going "Above and Beyond" for our customers and treating them like our guests from touchdown to takeoff.

Line Service Profile


Our Line Service takes pride in delivering clean on spec Jet A and Av Gas.

We are located mid-field off taxiway B4. The main terminal building is located just across our parking lot and US Customs has a check in area on our ramp. We also have controlled gate access to our ramp.

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